Seasons in Indonesia

Indonesia has only two seasons, Dry and Wet seasons. Dry season usually starts from end of February to August. Wet season usually starts from end of August to February. However, due to unpredictable nature condition, these seasons may change. For instance, the best way to travel to Bali is in June until early September. But during that period, sometimes there will be rain as well. For further information about the best season to travel, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Weather Condition

You may check your destination's current weather condition and forecast, here.

Paradise Trip Indonesia will not be responsible for any situations that may cause your trip undesirable due to weather and nature conditions. For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Animal Sightings

Although we always try to do our best to provide the best trip holiday possible for our customers, there are some conditions that our customers need to understand about Animal Sightings that may interest them in the first place to go travelling. Due to nature or weather conditions, and/or the Animals' unusual habits, Paradise Trip Indonesia cannot 100% guarantee that our customers will see and meet specific animals such as, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Dolphins, Komodo Dragons, or any other special endangered species in their specific destination. For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions.