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Is it safe to travel to Indonesia?

If there should be situations that indicate Indonesia is not safe for travelling, usually your Government and ours will issue a warning. Some conditions that might affect such action were usually due to extreme natural disasters or unstable political situtation that caused National Security disturbance.

Therefore, the real answer is Yes, it is safe to travel to Indonesia. If you need to make sure of the current situation, please feel free to contact and ask us prior to your booking.  

Do I need a Visa to enter Indonesia?

There are 169 countries that receive 30-days free visa entry.

Please read the information here

What travel insurance do I get?

All the package prices we offer include Allianz TravelPro standard travel insurance coverage.

The insurance will cover: Accident while travelling, Medical expense & Emergency Unit Service while travelling, Baggage & Personal Belonging, etc.

If you need more info or to upgrade the travel insurance type, please contact and notify us or submit your Inquiry regarding this.

Can I make my own private trip?

Yes you can.

If you cannot make it on our calendar trip provided, you can always contact us and make your own private trip. You can also customize the trip.

Does the trip price include flights?

No. Prices are for trip prices only.

Do I have to book my own flights?

Yes you do.

You should book and arrange your flights from your country of origin. In each destination detail description, there is information about how to get to the destination. The best way is for you to arrange and book your flights so you can start your travelling from Jakarta or Bali.

You can also search and book flights from here: www.traveloka.com or www.tiket.com

What is included in each trip package?

What’s included in each trip package:

  • Land Transportations (Airport / Hotel to Pier Pick Up vice versa)
  • Sea Transportations (Main Pier to Destination vice versa, Island / Spot Hopping)
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) by Hotels, otherwise notified
  • Accommodations – Easy or Luxury
  • Guide and Crew
  • Gears: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Life vests
  • Documentations: still photo and video
  • Travel Insurance by Allianz TravelPro

How do I make a booking?

It's very easy. Just see your desired destination and click Inquiry. You will be directed to our Inquiry page to fill in your details. After you fill out the information needed, please click Submit. You will get an email of Inquiry confirmation from us, and our staff will contact you within 24 hours to further arrange with you, making sure your holiday trip going smoothly. Or, you can directly contact us:

Vicky  +62 813 11004022 (call or whatsapp)

Monique +62 818 855992 (call or whatsapp)

Please do not hesitate to ask our staff about anything you need to know. 

How do I make payments?

We only provide bank transfer to our Bank Account. This due to conditions where there's always customization to each package plan.

There are two stages to make your trip payment:

  • 50% of Down Payment must be made upon your approval of your trip plan
  • 50% of Final Settlement must be made 14-Days before your actual first day trip

Please make your payment to:

Bank BCA, Main Branch Kebayoran Baru, Account No: 0700110176 ; Name: Vicky Firmansyah / Renny Dominique Sanda.

Please send us the bank transfer proof document via email or whatsapp.

Vicky  +62 813 11004022 (call or whatsapp)

Monique +62 818 855992 (call or whatsapp)


What currency do I use?

Currently we only provide transactions in Indonesia Rupiah.

Please see the currency exchange online here https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/


What if I cancel my trip?

There are some terms that we apply for cancellations:

  • After making a down payment: When you cancel the trip after making a down payment, you will not get a full refund. This will heavily depend on the policy of each partner or our Third Party Suppliers that we business with such as, hotels, transportations, etc. Our staff will share the information needed when they are in contact with you.
  • After making the final settlement: When you cancel the trip after making the final settlement, you will not get any refund.

Additional Information:

When you have made a down payment, and are not able to make the final settlement of 14-days before of the actual trip: We will give you two notifications (reminders) within 48 hours. And if you are still not able to finalize the final settlement after 48-hour notifications, you will be notified that your trip has been cancelled and there will be no refund. 

You can also read about the cancellation terms in our terms and conditions page.

Why Drone documentation is not automatically included?

If in the description is stated that the trip includes Drone documentation, then it is included. If not, then we usually ask our customers if they need the service. Drone documentation requires expertise and special skill. Therefore, there will be additional costs for Drone documentation.